Etudessans Frontieres is the leading technology solutions provider in Los Angeles (U.S.). We offer customers IT solutions such as BPO, CMS, and Business Management Software. Our Service has made thousands of users happy for over many years. We put the satisfaction of customers first.

Etudessans is the CEO and founder of Etudessans Frontieres. The capital was $1 billion; and this number has been increased over time. Many investors have put their great investments in our company. In 2014, Etudessans Frontieres was awarded the highest prizes for best quality in services.

With over 20 years’ experience in IT support and solutions, we have earned good reputation for our services in the US marketplace. We have great teams who are reliable, creative, high skilled, and enthusiastic. With over 650 IT professionals, we are proud to announce that we are one of the best IT solutions leaders in the US. Currently, we are serving over 10,000 happy clients around the world. Most of famous companies are using our services as their main field.

In 2014, Etudessans Frontieres has gained over $10 billion. Headquartered in Los Angeles (U.S.A), our company has over 20,000 employees distributed over 25 countries around the world. Etudessans Frontieres is an international company that has some famous branches in 5 countries: France, US, China, Italy, and Japan. These famous branches are in developed countries and developing countries.

The service was established in 1998; and it has grown continuously. We concentrate on four main areas:

– Technology Solutions
– Software
– Security
– Consultancy

Our Mission

Slogan: “Your success is our success”. We are expanding the scope. Our target is to try to increase the number of customers by 100,000 in 2015. We are looking for some good partners to join us to expand the business in the larger one.